Requirements to layouts

The recommended resolution of raster objects is 300 dpi.
The minimum line thickness should be 0.15 mm.
All the layers in Adobe Photoshop are merged into one. The color model is CMYK or Grayscale.
The size of the publication must correspond to the cut size, taking into account the minimum space from the edge of 3 mm for one-sided publications (4 + 0, 1 + 0) and 5 mm for double-sided publications (4 + 4, 1 + 1). The publication sizes must be multiples of a millimeter (without tenths, hundredths, thousandths). For Adobe Photoshop, each piece is in a separate file.
For CorelDraw - a multi-page document, one piece per page.
All the applied effects: (Powerclip, Blend, Contour, Distort, DropShadow, Envelope, Extrude, Transparency) are RASTERED, i.e. are converted to a bitmap.
When using colors by Pantone or RGB, the correct color rendering is not guaranteed.
All fonts must be converted to curves or supplied with your layouts.
Preliminary coordinate the format of the publication with a specialist of the printing house!
The layout of the publication must be executed in "CorelDraw" and "InDesign" programs on PC platforms. The layout must not contain raster images with an overestimated resolution (max - 300 dpi semitone, max 1200 dpi - Bitmap). 
All pages in the layout or in PDF (PS) file must be arranged in order and must have the same format. All engineering publications (GIS and ADE system) must be converted from basic formats, such as AutoCAD, etc. in PDF format to avoid the loss of variable data and elements of the publication structure!